OF Sydney

Hey ya’ll,

A little dry here in Sydney with the OpenFrameworks knitting circles…
I’m sure there are plenty of peeps out there bedroom banging their OF experiments so would be great to start something here.

-Showcase your work and what other people have been doing with OF.
-Chat geek about the framework and learn from what other people have learned.
-Make it open to everyone, including the non tech savvy and hopefully pull in some converts.
-Hopefully get together on some projects.

Gimme a shout if you’re local and interested.


I’ve put a google group together for OF Sydney.


If you’re interested or want to find out more, give a shout on :



Hey Lucasz,

I was thinking at some point of perhaps putting on an OF workshop on in Melbourne next time I get back there (I’m originally from there), but maybe it could be a joint Melbs-Syd thing…let me know what kind of interest you get,

Hi Pierre,

I was thinking of first starting small and local to gauge interest.
The rough plan is to build up the google group until there’s enough people interested to hold a workshop. Have not done too much with this yet but will start approaching universities and getting the word out.

a joined Syd / Melb workshop is definitely a possibility down the track and would be happy to participate with any help you need.

will keep posting here on progress.


OF Sydney meet up is a GO!
we’ve finally worked out the date & location,
Sunday 25th July @ serial space gallery.

facebook event,

here is a link to serial space gallery which is also home to a monthly dorkbot meet up.

here is a link to the location on google maps,

hope u can make it.

Heads up all that this looks to be moved to Sunday the 1st of August.

SOOO excited! :mrgreen:

Hey Lucasz

Great to see an OF workshop in Oz!! Let me know if you’d like a hand with the workshop - I’m Melbourne based, but might be able to make it up to Sydney…



Hey Matt,

I’m heading back to Melbs in a few weeks for the longer term. Once I get my feet back on the ground (literally…I’m on crutches at the moment) there’ll def. be some OF action!

hi Matt,

great, hope you can make it along.
thx for the offer to help, we should have everything covered but will post if anything comes up.

hi Pierre,

definitely be there for any OF melbourne events you have coming up.
perhaps a syd-melb OF exchange later down the track =)

Hi Grimus, could you let me know if you ever have any OF meet ups in Melbourne.

Would love to come along and speak to other OF users as I haven’t met anyone personally yet who uses it.


Yes…I’ve been lying low recently resettling back into Melbourne but there’s going to be some action shortly :slight_smile: I’ll be posting on the forums when its confirmed.

Cool, That’s awesome news, really looking forward to meeting some other OF users here in melbourne. Good luck resettling back into Melbourne town.

Hello OF’ers!

We’re putting on the second Sydney openFrameworks workshop next month, Sunday 17th April. It will be a more of a show and tell format where we’ll run through the recent OF developments and showcase some awesome projects. So this is an early call out for anyone who’d like to show what they’ve been working on using openFrameworks
in progress or complete, it doesn’t matter.

Please get in touch with me (Lukasz) if you’d like to show off your creation.

Newbies also very welcome. It won’t be so much an introduction into openFrameworks like the last workshop but we’ll be there to help you out and get you started.

Lukasz + Rene