OF setup with Qt Creator on windows

Hi all,

I come from a VVVV background and I’m looking to explore OpenFrameworks, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to get any of the examples to compile in order to start getting my bearings.

I’ve installed msys2 & qt creator following the guide on the setup page, but I’ve clearly done something wrong as I’m getting heaps of compile errors like

“…libs\poco\lib\msys2\libPocoNetSSL.a(HTTPSClientSession.o):-1: error: duplicate section `.rdata$_ZTIN4Poco3Net4Impl17SocketAddressImplE[__ZTIN4Poco3Net4Impl17SocketAddressImplE]’ has different size”

and others.

I’m keen to troubleshoot this error, but I’m new to the world of OF, C++ and IDEs and I haven’t been able to find any information I can use to learn what I need to know to fix the problem.

In the setup guide, this line describes adding a compiler:

“To use QtCreator with msys2 go to Qt Creator > Preferences > Build and Run > Compilers and if it’s not there add a compiler that points to c:\msys64\mingw32\bin then in the Kits tab configure the Desktop Kit to use gcc from msys2.”

Unfortunately, I’m prompted to select a specific file within the bin directory, but the information here doesn’t specify which I need to choose. Likewise, I’m not completely sure how to interpret how to specify the right settings in the Kits tab.

If there’s any information that goes into a bit more detail on how to set this up and get running from start to finish, I’d love to check it out. I’ve done a bit of googling, but it seems like just about everyone’s using linux or macs.



Hello @fthrfrl, easiest with windows is Visual Studio Community 2015 IDE. But very soon there will be released the new OF version that works with VS 2017, may be you prefer to try already directly with the newest.

Any way, to try help you is good to know which QT creator and OF package version did you tried.

Cheers for the reply. I used OF 0.98 & the recommended qt creator version 4.1.0.

I’ll check out the latest nightly with VS2017 and see how I fare with that. I’d like to produce applications that I can easily port to linux at some point, but for now getting everything running smoothly on windows is probably the most important thing, as I’m hoping to use spout as a bridge between OF, VVVV & Touchdesigner.

Not sure where the error comes from but even using qtcreator i would also recommend using the latest nightly instead of 0.9.9 right now