oF screenSaver

Hi guys,

I am just starting to use openframeworks and I am planning to create an awsome screensaver :slight_smile:

I have found this post about oF and Mac screensavers: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/screen-saver/1709/0 very interesting by the way.

My questions are:

  • is there any documentation on how to create a screensaver for wondows using oF?
    I guess it’s possible but I would apreciate any kind of help.

  • WIll it be a lot of work once I have done it for Mac to port it for Windows?

  • Can I use xcode for that?

As I said they are probably very basic questions I guess but I would apreciate any kind of help.

Thanks everyone!


You can make any exe file a screensaver by renaming it to .scr

The important thing is that you need to call ofSetDataPath("./") in your setup function - then copy all dll files from bin/ and all files you have in bin/data/ to C:\Windows\System32\System

Hope that helps!

Thanks a lot Theo!

But I am trying to create a screensaver with options/settings.
Also I have to deliver it so I am not sure how to move the files to C:\Windows\System32\System in the user computer. I guess I will have to run some script when installing the .scr.

Do you have any example of an oF screensaver? Mac or Pc?

Thanks again,