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I’m OF and c++ newbie and have stumbled onto a sort of a situation that I cannot seems to resolve.
I had all the OF stored on my desktop (on PC so c:/… etc. ) and since the folder grew somewhat big because of all the projects contained in it, so I decided to move it to another bigger drive so D:/ and I get a link error 1104 and have spent the better part of a day reading around the internet how to fix it and nothing works.
When I move the OF system back anywhere on drive C:/ works fine…
So does OF have to be contained on the main drive? or there is some fix for that which I don’t seem to be able to find?
I’m using VS2017.


Dear Ivaylo_Chichanov,

I am not the best person to solve this, but as no one capable answered yet, I will try anyway (it’s frustrating to not get an answer on the first post). All the following is as far as I know - anybody please correct me if I am wrong!
This is probably not an openFrameworks thing but rather a basic compiling problem. You should be able to install openframeworks on another drive.

Some background first:

Your projects have path informations for the Linker. Basically after compiling your project the Linker takes your executable code and puts it together with other readymade pieces of executable code (the libraries) to a runnable App. The Linker in your case is looking for those libraries and is not finding one or some. So the path information is wrong at one place. (For example Additional Library directories in Linker Configuration of your Projects Properties.)
If for example a library has an absoulte path in the settings but resides in the openFramework folder it can not be found any more as soon as you move the folder . So those paths should be relative. While for the libraries that are outside of openFrameworks folder (so stay on C:\ drive) the path should be absolute. Here’s a screeshot example for both:


Then there is more problems with predefined PATH variables on your windows system. But hopefully we will not have to deal with that

Now for some solution

Fiddling with paths can be hard. But luckily openFrameworks comes with a project generator. It is not only suitable for creating new projects but also for adjusting old ones. So if I were you I would try the following:

  • move openFrameworks Folder to your desired location
  • open the project generator (found in folder projectGenerator-vs)
  • click on import
  • select one of your projects (that now lies on D:). Please start with a simple one - project generator should automatically show the project path as well as all the used Addons
  • click update - project Generator will now rewrite the project settings, including the paths.
  • open the project in Visual Studio (can be done by a click from project generator)
  • clean and rebuild your project

I hope this will solve your problem. If not, write back please.
I can’t promise, but 'll try to check in

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Hi @dasoe, thanks for taking the time to answer, I spent some time battling with that problem. It was my mistake entirely I believe (the rookie I am : ), it wasn’t the linker that was causing the problem. This morning I finally found the culprit, it turns out that placing it in a folder that includes a comma in the name confuses the linker.
Anyhow it’s working now so I can continue with other battles and learning c++ and VS :slight_smile:
Thanks again