OF Roadmap Sketch

There is a sketch of a OF roadmap here, just to start some discussion on features and releases

feel free to comment, suggest changes here or there


What are your plans regarding graphics API backend? The reason I ask is from my understanding you still use OpenGL and I’m worried about Apple taking the next step with regards to their deprecated OpenGL situation.

Is the plan to move to Vulkan (with MoltenVK for Apple) or WebGPU? (I hear a lot of people say good things about WebGPU these days, it’s apparently relatively easy to work with).

I’m not a big user of oF and I’m mainly asking out of curiosity.


I see there’s plan to make some kind way to have OpenGL stuff automatically route into metal? I guess that kinda answers my question. Will this also be utilised for desktop macOS?

I am also working on a Metal override for GLKit via MetalANGLE! Not sure if we want to slate that for 12 maybe 13
Looking promising in prototype. I have core linked to framework, compiling and confirmed override of GLKit render with Metal with automatic conversion of GL shaders and calls

In process of converting a new MLKit layer to target, this will be the future as GLKit and Open GLES can now be routed automatically into Metal


So this means that if I write something like an OpenGL shader or compute shader that will probably just more or less work as-is in the future?

Hello @torb welcome to OF forums!
This roadmap sketch was a personal initiative to have some next features discussed but I’m an independent collaborator just like you.
In my opinion WebGPU is great because it is multiplatform like OF. MetalANGLE seems great too. Let us know when you have a testing prototype so we can try it out too!

I don’t think apple will remove openGL. it is already emulated internally on Metal. But it is again personal opinion.
So there is time to adopt new OF graphics backend(s)