OF Releases: which allow "direct" use of glm:: namespace

I’ve been working with Web site default download 0.9.8 in Visual Studio 17 with usual OF enhancement. A problem I posted to the forum received a suggested fix (thanks you volunteers) which included a code line something like this:

glm::vec3 rotationEuler = glm::vec3(45, 90, 0);

Visual Studio couldn’t find “glm” components. I couldn’t figure out how or where to add a #include that would help.

Should I install a newer, nightly build?
And should I be running VS2015 to be totally kosher with OF content?

As usual, thanks a bunch for any help.

yes glm is only available on the nightly builds not on 0.9.8 and you can use any of vs 2015 or 2017 with the nightlies

arturo: Thanks for explaining that for me and, I expect, others!