oF Relay @ Eyebeam (NYC)

So I’ve been thinking lately about having an event at Eyebeam somewhat inspired by the Capture the Flag competitions at Defcon. (I couldn’t find any good pictures/documentations, but it’s basically a offense/defense hacking competition where teams try to p0wn each other)

It’s a “relay” because you would create a team of 6 that would collectively come up with an idea based on a theme that would be announced the first day, and then each team would have 1 day to do their work:

  1. 2 Researchers - solidify concept, diagrams, find existing code to accomplish project, identify hardware requirements,
  2. 2 Setup - All of the back-end, low level programming. Find hardware in the city. Adapting existing code-bases, making addons, etc.
  3. 2 Implementation - front-end, polish, installation

It would culminate with some kind of awards session, prize, etc.

Anyway, it’s a very rough idea and at this point I’d love to get some feedback or just hear if anyone is interested.

Sounds interesting to me.