oF + Qt + Windows10 : error on starting a new project

I installed oF + mysys2 and Qt with QtCreator on a new Windows 10 pc exactly the same way I did some monts ago on the old one.
On the old pc everything works fine.
On the new one I can succesfully recompile and execute a project I already developed on the old pc.
But if I start from scratch a new project in the new pc from QtCreator->File ->New File or Project->openFrameworks and then correctly setup project path, oF library folder and addons, I get an error from the editor.
In the sidebar a new .qbs project is actually started but I get this message:

! Cannot lock build graph file 'C:/Users/info/OneDrive/Dokumente/Error in " Util.asciify("build-untitledTEST-Desktop-Debug")": TypeError: Property 'asciify' of object Core::Internal::UtilsJsExtension(0x737eb88) is not a function/qtc_Desktop_94451bc9-debug/qtc_Desktop_94451bc9-debug.bg': Failed to create directory.

And obviously can’t start the new project because except.qbs file everything else is missing and the error completely locks the editor.

Anyone have some ideas about what does it mean and how can be fixed?

Of course for now I can take an old project, copy and rename it, set the new paths, clear the source files and use it as starting point for new projects, but… you know!

Thank you in advance!

after some tweaking I just realized that build/clean steps and build directory are messed up when starting a new project.
If I fix them manually everything works fine.
Is there a way to make them right automatically?..

How did you fix them for windows 10?

  1. Click the sidebar tab “Project”, it will open Build Settings page.
  • Set a valid build directory, usually you set it to be inside the project folder but may be set anywhere else.
    By default it’s screwed and points to a folder which has no permissions to be written by Qt, that’s I suppose one of the reasons why the new project can’t be started
  1. Clear “Build Steps” path. You do it by rolling over with mouse on the right side of the path line, just before the “Details” button.
  • Delete and disable symbols will appear while rolling over: click on the cross to delete the current path.

  • Choose “Qbs Build” from the local menu “Add Build Step”.
    This way you automatically cleaned up and correctly set the messed up build path.

  • As you did before for “Build Steps”, delete “Clean Steps” current path.

  • Choose “Clean Build” from the local menu “Add Clean Step”

Now Qt should be able to correctly parse the project. If it works you will see the full empty project tree with openFrameworks library folder and a subfolder with the same name of the project. It will contain main.cpp, ofApp.h and ofApp.cpp