Of + Qt Creator: installation problems on OS X

I’d like to use openFrameworks in Qt Creator 3.6.0, OS X 10.12.1 and maybe I’m doing something wrong because it doesn’t work in my setup.
I downloaded last 0.9.8 of release and launched the install_template.sh file inside the scripts/qtcreator folder. Console opens showing the command lines of the install script but nothing else seems to happen. I launch Qt Creator and select “new project” but no oF project template is shown. By reading the install script I understand that some openFrameworks wizard folders should be copied somewhere in Qt folder structure.
If that’s correct, where? Anyone knows what I’m missing? Thank you in advance.

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you have the full instructions on how to set it up on the web page: http://openframeworks.cc/setup/qtcreator/

Thanks Arturo, actually I followed exactly the full instructions at that link, even multiple times to be sure not to be missing some detail but it does not work at all here. I suspect that the installing script it’s not executed or at least it’s not executed correctly. I googled a lot about .sh scripts and os x but can’t figure out what’s going on…

can you try a newer version of qtcreator? as the guide says:

The current openFrameworks release (0.9.8) requires qtcreator 4.1.0.

Ok, downloaded the 4.1.0 version, tried again but nothing changed, installer script does not work.
At last trying to understand where oF plugins folders should be copied I found a workaround:
I opened the Qt app package and copied in /Contents/Resources/templates/wizards the two folders “openFrameworks” and “openFrameworks update”. Now it works!

off topic PS: I’m getting a huge list of compiler warnings but applications are successfully built and running.