oF project utils


I’ve been doing some python tools to create projects and add addons to them without the need to mess with the compiler/linker settings.

Now they work with codeblocks under windows and linux, have to try with vs and xcode yet.

You can download from:

To use them under windows you will need to install some dependencies:

C:\Python25\Scripts\easy_install −U Amara  

of course, change C:\Python25, if you chose a different location for the python install.

  • edit the file ofEnvironment.py in the utils folder and change it with the path were you have oF with this format:

“/Documents and Settings/username/Desktop/of_preRelease_0.05Win32_FAT/”

Note the initial and end “/”, you cannot use drive name by now.

and set of_platform to win32

Now you can use the following commands from a command window to create new projects:

c:\Python25\python.exe ofProjectUtils.py create project_name  

or to add addons to already existing projects:

c:\Python25\python.exe ofProjectUtils.py add project_name ofxOpenCv  

There’s also a super ugly gui: ofProjectUtilsGui.py, you just need to double click, then put a name for your project, add the addons you want to add and press save project. The open project option doesn’t work by now and if something fails (ie: a malformed xml ) you won’t get adviced, so if something doesn’t work, try with the command line tool to see the error.