OF on Windows Mobile ... or Linux Android?

Ok we love the iPhone but has anyone looked at other platforms?

Is it possible to compile from C:B to windows mobile say?

I wrote some things for then Windows CE few years back and they moved happily to Windows XP - infact I used same audio and xml libraries as OF does now… not OpenGL tho…

Thoughts anyone?


I can’t speak for Windows based platforms but as an Android developer I can’t see this happening. It uses java and the application interface is completely different.

An interesting side note about the Windows Mobile platforms:

Most PDAs which support Windows Mobile have the same processor (the ARM7) as the iPhone platform. Maybe the development of this might move some opportunity for iPhone app development on Windows or Linux…

yeah good point … my previous Windows mobile projects used MS GUI stuff… the sound parts, XML etc were all generic code or used FMOD and TinyXML :slight_smile:


ah ha …
from C:B forum…