OF on OS X Screensaver

I’ve been trying to get OF app to run as a OS X Screensaver. I’ve been looking into both latest find from years ago https://github.com/NickHardeman/openframeworks_osx_64/tree/master/apps/ScreenSaver and the older https://github.com/mazbox/of64/tree/master/apps/examples.

Now that latest master had already able to compile 64 bit app. I was hoping that this could finally possible in official taste of OF. I copied over NickHardeman’s version of examples and try to get it running on master by fixing whatever Xcode errors. The latest progress I have is here https://github.com/firmread/ofScreenSaver.

Now I’m stuck with this error.

This happens on both master and NickHardeman’s 64bit OF.

I notice that many of ofxScreenSaver code seem to replicating/replacing some of OF stuffs. For example, ofxAppMacScreenSaver.h looks a lot like ofAppGlutWindow.h used to be. But I just not familiar with core OF code enough to really figure out what to fix.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

I forgot to mentioned that on https://github.com/firmread/ofScreenSaver, I got to the point where it would compile as OF app but not the Screensaver. So the work left should be mostly how ofxScreensaver is configured and wrap things.

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at this code. I had to do a little re-configuring to get the app to compile in my 64 bit branch. What errors are you getting when compiling the Screensaver bundle?

To get the screen saver to compile, I had to disable garbage collection in the User-Defined section of Build Settings.

@NickHardeman I already did that but still stuck at this error I showed above, something about ofxScreenSaver.m unable to find openGL variables. Did just you tried it out and still able to get it compiled right out of your 64 bit branch after remove garbage collection?

Nope. I had to make sure that the OF target lib was set to 64 bit and the app was set to 64 bit and that the target was set to 10.8 (since I don’t have the latest SDK). If you do lipo -info on the compiled OF lib, is it 64 bit? Make sure to compile the OpenFrameworksNoFmod lib before trying to compile the screen saver bundle.

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