Of node >> setParent[vector[0]]

i need to create dynamic ofNode and set dynamic parent
something like that

ofNode nodeParent;
for(int i=0;i<10; i++) {
	ofNode tempNode;

and that always crash cause this line

ofMatrix4x4 ofNode::getGlobalTransformMatrix() const {
	if(parent) return getLocalTransformMatrix() * parent->getGlobalTransformMatrix();
	else return getLocalTransformMatrix();

They are a special technique to set parent dynamically ?

Do you have to use pointer ?

yes if you push back things in a vector the vector contents can move in memory so the pointer to the parent in the ofNode can become invalid, you can use a vector of pointers or make sure that the vector won’t reallocate, by creating all the elements first and then setting the parents afterwards

Thanks you very much again
i follow your advise,
first i create Boids, then i affect there parent using pointer
that should work

cout << "I am"<<boids[i].myName<<"\n";
	//	boids[i].setPosition(boids[i].position.x+100,0,0);

But when i render it, child does’not move at all

OK i found the trouble
because i try to affect the position by changing directly the position of the parent.
mow i work setPosition(newPosition); and that works nice.