OF New Zealand

Hi everyone,

I’m visiting New Zealand from December 13, 2010 till January 31, 2011. I think it would be cool to meet and do some OpenFrameworks related stuff with New Zealand based artists / coders. Anyone interested in working out some OpenFrameworks projects in that period? Or in organizing a workshop together?


What city in New zealand are you coming? Perhaps Auckland? You will really enjoy it this time of year - summer! Make sure to hit the sites. There are tons of cool places to go and visit - all over the place!

Hope you enjoy your visit! I live in Tauranga!

Hi Slinky,

I am currently in Auckland (my last week in NZ). I have seen a lot of the nature. It was great!

This week I’m in Auckland and I would really like to organize an openFrameworks workshop here. Would you be interested to come? Do you know other people from Auckland region who might be interested? Do you know institutes who could host a session?