OF motion capture

Hi all, I have a project in mind to play background graphics on the wall screen. When a person comes in front of it there will be his/her skeleton appearing on the wall screen too, while the background graphics will keep playing. Is this something that can realistically be achieved with OF and kinect?

I have got ofxKinext running finally and not sure about my next steps. Looking for an interactive wall examples online, but NONE of them compile.

Maybe there is a more suitable platform than OF to achieve this?

thanks so much!

Sure but ofxKinect will not provide the skeleton, as it doesn’t do that. You need to use the Microsoft Kinect SDK, which runs only on windows, or the quite old OpenNI stuff that will run on OSX with the kinect version 1. Look at ofxaddons.com
for addons for using these.

thanks for replying. Ok, I changed my mind - I don’t want a skeleton anymore. Any effects on the screen will be fine. Just was wondering if OF is powerful enough to do that, or there are other frameworks. For example, I stay away from Processing as nothing works for me there. I am willing to invest time in programming, but wanted to be sure OF can play my background graphics AS WELL as the people’s movements at the same time, with more or less decent effects.

If I use Kinect SDK - can this effect be achieved live? I tried it, and was able to export skeleton, process for ages and produce something in cinema 4d later. But I need a LIVE stuff :slight_smile:


Sure, you can achieve what you are looking for with of. It is also important to notice that it also depends on how powerful your computer is and how well you code :slight_smile:


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