OF <-> AIR

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As part of the Glue69 http://glue69.ning.com/ initiative to connect the dots between different toolkits and applications, the first hola world tutorial and source files for establishing two-way communication between an Adobe AIR application and OF (v006) are now available here: http://glue69.ning.com/page/flashflex-builder-1.

There are two primary benefits in connecting these dots, including: 1) It’s faster and easier for me to create UI elements in Flex/Flash to control variables in the OF application than it would be in C++; and 2) I can also establish two-way communication from my AIR app to Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and After Effects. This means that I can use the magic from OF to hijack any of these applications and take them for a joy ride via OF <-> AIR <-> Creative Suite app. More on the latter example later…
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wow! great job! this is really cool stuff!

Very nice! Would love to see and hear more. :slight_smile:

Drew is there a way to talk directly from OF to say photoshop or illustrator, without the use of a air app?

hey todd. in theory, you should be able to by create a socket in ExtendScript. i haven’t had time to kick it’s tires yet, but there is a little bit of documentation on how to create a socket in the JavaScript Tools Guide CS3 or JavaScript Tools Guide CS4 pdf that’s included with ExtendScript Toolkit in the External Communication Tools section.

on a side note, i posted most of my tutorials for ExtendScript(ES), PatchPanel, SwitchBoard and Photoshop Panels online: http://blog.drwoohoo.com/?p=971


Oh Wow! I would love to hear more about hijacking CS4! :slight_smile: