OF Knitting circle in Austin, TX for SxSW Interactive

So I recently learned that Zach and Todd Vanderlin will be giving a talk bout openframeworks in Austin for SxSW Interactive. I would absolutely LOVE to go to this, but I don’t yet know if I need a Interactive Pass to attend this talk. Regardless of if I get to go or not, I would love to set up a knitting circle meet up, as I am from here and know of a few good places were we could host one. Or if there is one planned, if someone could kindly let me know the info.

I would also love to use this gathering as an opportunity to set up a regular “chapter” if there are people that run across this in this area. Since moving back here, I have been able to already spark quite an interest, and I think Austin would be a good base to build up this community a little bit more.

So let me know if anyone is interested!

(PS If you see this Zach or Todd, I would be open to volunteering if needed, as I am already well introduced to OF… *wink* *wink*)