oF iphone [0062] with ofxOSC errer

Hi, everyone.
I tried to use ofxOSC in oF iphone [0062].
But Xcode return a error like in OSCTypes.h;

extern NilType Nil; expected unqualified-id before ‘_nill’

I changed Nil to _null. They compile wihtout any problem…
But I’m not sure about this is right solution for this error.

Please let me know if you know right solution for this.

Does anybody experience same error? Or it’s only me…?

Thank you


don’t know if it will work for you, but zach_gage has a slightly modified OSC for iPhone:

check it at this post:

Thank you for the link.
But the link was posted before 0062 is released… I could compile ofxOSC without any problem in 0061. So, I guess something is changed in 0062. Or my system issue?

At least I found workaround so far. So, I will keep looking for real solution.

THank you



I downloaded ofxOsciPhone form forum and I could build without any problem.


But I could not build any application with ofxOSC within oF iphone folder…