OF + INDExOS (screen capture) = glError 1282 everywhere

I’m trying to add screen recording capabilities to an Android project (and releasing as an addon). I’m using the Media for Mobile SDK (by Intel), and changed some files, like OFAndroid, OFGLSurfaceView, mostly to allow subclassing and proper customization (a custom renderer!). The problem is when I customize the renderer to add the recording capabilities, every GL call that INDExOS does gives me a glError 1282. I’m not an expert in OpenGLES, so I’m kinda stuck right now. I tried forcing OpenGLES2 (which is required by INDExOS), by adding entries on AndroidManifest.xml and OFAndroid.setupGL(2) which didn’t work at all.

The first error occurs when I try to create a FullFrameTexture, when it is compiling a shader. Probably I’m wrong, but it seems the reason could be :

  • No GL context when the FullFrameTexture is called (which is weird, but how can I check that);
  • There’s only a GL10 context in the current thread, which explains why it can’t compile a shader, but again, how do I check that and fix it?

Note: I’m using of OF 0.9.3, not master, and SDK Level 22. Also, the INDExOS sample is running perfectly on the target device.