OF in Xcode setup


I am starting my OF journey, I learn a lot from Processing and now I want to do some C and opengGL stuff, I think start learning OF will help as P5 did

So my first question is OF in Xcode setup, a “setup” or is it more of opening a template file and Save As case?

I just saw a video tutorial, it is old and this may be changed by now, but does it really take 3:39 mins just to rename a new project?

Does memo templates avoid this problem?


Hey nardove,

I just use the emptyExample (the allAddOnsExample is useful too) app contained in the apps examples folder, copy and paste, rename, double click on the Xcode Project file and go from there.
there’s probably a better workflow but I’m lazy.
I found at the start there was a big learning curve, but once I got my head around using Xcode projects and including adOns Open Frameworks is super easy and super fun
good luck