oF in Vista

greetings oF-ers,

i’m not much of a windows user, but i’m working on a networked multi-channel installation and before my client buys the computers, i wanted to make sure that people are hapily running oF on windows vista.

we’re actually looking at using Dell XPSONE all in one units. anybody familiar with these ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 cards?

thanks for any advice and know-how!



the truth is that as a long-standing mac user, i’m just plain nervous about stepping into new territory. i’ll take silence as a vote of confidence.


I get the impression that of is used:

1 on OS X
2 on XP via parallels
4 on Linux
3 on XP
5 on Vista

(This is just from glancing over peoples’ shoulders at of lab last week). I use Vista without issues. The only thing I’d check out in advance is drivers for hardware you’re using (like webcams and audio interfaces).

a couple of negatives about vista :

a) driver support is really bad on older devices (like capture cards). I’ve found that some of my most loved devices don’t run yet with vista.
b) no horizontal span with nvidia. this is a big must for me.

but OF should run and compile fine in vista – friedrich (who’s on the forums) has been developing his moviesandbox project in code::blocks / vista and says everything is smooth.

hope that helps!

sweet, thanks so much for your input. it’s going to be a more straight-forward networked video project using SD video - so it should be fine to go with Vista. i’m going to miss unix though.