oF in Ottawa, Canada

Hey guys, I’m James Acres and I’m teacher at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada.

One of the courses I had this year allowed for a lot of flexibility in material as it was an 8 hour/week studio class. We explored a bunch of topics mostly in Processing (to keep the class running smoothly with 30 students) and Arduino.

For the term project, one group used openFrameworks to create an installation that used openCV for optical flow and blob detection. The viewers can cause clouds to appear by generating movement and then trigger rain by making loud noises. This causes trees to grow that are controlled by verlet physics. There’s also grass that moves with the blog detection and flocking birds. Was a pretty good result for a first time around!

I’d like to eventually have an elective course where I could have a smaller number of students (12 or so) so that we could focus on using oF.

Anyone else in Ottawa or nearby? We’re trying to get people together to the bi-weekly meetings at Artengine (http://www.artengine.ca)