OF in Eclipse?

hey do you know if there is a tutorial of how to setup OF in Eclipse?
or any hints please?

I’m not on eclipse, but apparently it can be compiled OK -

there was someone who made a tutorial, I’ve posted it here:


we decided that we can’t officially support it (because it’s already kind of hard to get even the number of compilers we do work with to be happy) but we are very, very happy if someone wants to bring each version into line with an eclipse release, and we can help how we can…

the person who did this tutorial also made a v0.01 release, but it’s not online anymore, I’ll try to track it down. it’s a good starting point for 0.02, and beyond

he wrote in the email:

I’ve been really busy this lasts weeks. I send you a first version of
the openframeworks / eclipse tutorial.

There are some issues:

  • Problems with the app/libs distribution:

In eclipse you don’t open a single project, instead you have all your
projects in a folder called the workspace, you can add projects to a
workspace that are in a different folder but then the path is absolute.
I’ve configured the app directory as the workspace directory. Once you
open it, you can see all the examples in eclipse, but you have to import
openframeworks to see it from eclipse. And moving the files to other
path means to reimport that project. Other problem of this solution, is
that the zip have all the workspace information and it’s size is near

The ideal file distribution for eclipse is a directory that contains all
the examples and then openframeworks and a libs directory with all the
libraries. Something like:


That way, you can export and import the projects without the workspace
information so the final file will be something like 20Mb, and eclipse
manages the relative paths so you can move your projects between
computers. But it’s really different to other compiler’s openframeworks

Another solution is to use the app/libs distribution for the
downloadable zip file, and then import the projects to the workspace
folder with the structure described above. The problem of this solution
is that it can be confusing when you want to find the files again.

  • Working directory:

There’s no way to avoid having to configure the working directory for
projects with files like images, videos… Eclipse works by default with
the root directory of the project as working directory. I’ve configured
every example to use bin as the working directory, but this must be done
for every new project although you make a copy of one of the examples.
I’ve explained how to configure it in the tutorial.

  • Changes in the code:

I had to change the name of rtAudio.a to libRtAudio.a so gcc can find it
with eclipse library configuration.

I’ve also added

#ifndef GL_BGR_EXT
#define GL_BGR_EXT 0x80E0

to ofConstants.h as the compiler wasn’t able to find that constant.

  • Tutorial problems

There are some images in spanish, the ones where it explains how to put
gcc and the other tools from mingw in the path, if you can change
them… I have no access to a Windows English version.

hope that helps - please let me know if that’s a good starting point…

take care!!

I made a little guide to getting OF to work on Eclipse in Linux. I put it in the linux forum area: