OF in Chicago

Hi All,

I’m a developer here in Chicago, I’ve just started learning OF, but would love to see more local resources for it. I see OF being represented quite well in East and West coast, but I can’t seem to find much here.

If I can get enough interest in getting it going, I can definitely organize the event, and find a venue. I would also need speakers who are willing to present, since my OF knowledge if fairly novice, but what I learn I teach… so if I get enough interest but no speakers, I’ll teach a NOOB class, where we can all learn together (rather not).

There are alot of tech firms and different agencies that I’m sure would show support for it, but the ultimate idea would be to develop a community similar to the new york OF. If all goes well we can start having regular “knitting circles” as well.

If you’re interested, or want to help me get this off the ground, let me know by replying to this post, or you can shoot me an email:
juan -dot- bonfante (AT) gmail -dot- com


I’m also brand new to OF and digital design in general. I’m in central Illinois and it’s exciting to see someone remotely close. I’d definitely be interested in some sort of event. Keep in touch.

I would be interested in traveling to chicago for anything anyone wants to get together. I’m about 3 hours away, but not too bad of a drive. hit me up too if anything happens. Otherwise I will be putting something together here in Grand Rapids, MI.

Hmm, keep me informed on this. I’m up in Milwaukee, WI, about two hours north. I haven’t done much with openFrameworks for the past few years, because of school, but I’d love to see what is being done in the Midwest with it.