OF hacking at LCD Porto

Hello all,

We at Audiencia Zero / CCT recently started putting together a creative hacklab in Porto for everyone interested in tinkering with hardware and software in new and unexpected ways. It’s primarily set up as a way for the people who come to our workshops to have a place to keep working on what they have learned, but it’s free and open to all who are interested in participating.

We call it LCD (an acronym for “Digital Creation Lab” in Portuguese) and we’re still taking baby steps (we’re just two weeks old :wink: and we already have a couple of other people interested in trying out OF, so we might grow to a user group some day.

If you’re around Porto on a tuesday night and you’re working on a project that uses OF, need some help getting set up, or are just curious about it, feel free to drop by, have a coffee and say hi.

And if you need directions, drop me an email and I’ll help you get there.