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hey guys,
i’m really new to oF, but ill get into it for a projct during my multimedia design studies. our plan is to get motion capturing an stuff with oF an offer it for kinds of software like processing and vvvv.
is there a possibility to
make a kind of server wich gets and hosts all information from cameras / microphones / etc. and read it directly from another pc to reuse it – for example in vvvv?

would be nice getting some info/thoughts/tipps on this one.
thanks a lot,

i just got the hint, that it could be possible with osc ( http://opensoundcontrol.org )
i’ll have a look at that one. but please give me everything u have about this topic. thanks guys, i’ll keep u updated :slight_smile:

alright. i got a step further (correct spelling :wink: ?!
just “connected” oF to prcoessing on the same machine. with the osc protocol.
next step: connect oF with vvvv running on my virual windows.

tipp welcome, but i’ll keep trying also here alone *hehe*

hey. back again. have connected oF running natively on my Mac to vvvv running virtually on win XP. just got a problem wicht the oscDecoder
what do i have to put in the “adress” field?

regards, tobi

ok guys. i just solved everything. comments are welcome. thx for support :wink:


i’m a vvvv user as well
hope i can get in early enough next time to lend a hand!
OSC is pretty easy to VVVV

also i’ve been trying to play with hosting oF as a plugin in vvvv
be beautiful to see them work together closely

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hey cool, I’m a vvvv user as well. did you made a c++ plugin template to incorperate OF into vvvv oder are you using it as a freeframe plugin?

If you’r creating a freeframe template I would be very interested in that too.

best m9d

p.s.: by the way, since the last 10 months I’m working a lot with OF and miss that time in playing with vvvv :frowning: