Of github merge issue

@arturo,sorry to asking you here directly,i’m trying to merge master brunch today,but got conflicts with:apps/projectGenerator, if i’m choosing remote version,the cache index failed,error: apps/projectGenerator: is a directory - add files inside instead
fatal: Unable to process path apps/projectGenerator

how can i fixing this? btw,i’m running windows



I had the same issue.
The projectGenerator seems to be a git submodule. I don’t know what the error its about but I was able to go through by marking the conflict as resolved and then downloading projectGenerator directly from Github site and pasting it into OF.

can you delete the folder and then call:

git submodule sync
git submodule update
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em,after i delete it,call the submodule sync nothing working really,anyway,i think i’m gonna just download it from projectGenerator like xavivives did.thxs