OF Geocoordinate Add-on?

I have a data visualization project that involves a common scenario of visualizing point data on a globe. I’ve been combing through the add-ons in hopes that someone might have built something as a base, but haven’t found anything yet. Anyone know of anything out there?

i don’t know exactly what you want from that addon, but does https://github.com/moxuse/ofxGeoMag fit your bill?

Thanks! I’ll take a look.

Hello Dataglam,

I have been working for a project that need exactly that. Check this repo: https://github.com/PetLabDataToys/Making-it-in-America-API


The 3D globe is using an old CIA database that take long to load… but looks so good.

In that same repo you will find the code of Tom Carden project of ModestMap API for OF ( https://github.com/RandomEtc/modestmaps-of )


hi @dataglam, I’m working on this addon https://github.com/kalwalt/ofxVTerrain, though is not finished and there are some issues in windows and linux, it should let you do what you need.
Another option is to use the osgEarth (OpenSceneGraph addon for earth visualizations) http://osgearth.org/ with the ofxOpenSceneGraph addon https://github.com/kalwalt/ofxOpenSceneGraph/tree/develop (the develop branch works good with OF 0074) as viewer. II think it should be possible , but honestly i never tried.

@patricio your addon looks very good!

looking into osgEarth and OpenFrameworks, it is very esy to impot .earth files within OF(At least in LINUX) read the code in this example : https://github.com/kalwalt/ofxOsgEarth/blob/master/ofxOsgEarth-example/src/testApp.cpp. hope that can help you.

Patricio, just took a look at your project. This a great foundation for what I’m looking for. I like all the contextual documentation on GitHub as well. Will take a look at the other pieces that people have suggested soon.