OF_GAME_MODE at 8*1024x768

I am configuring a computer with 8 monitors a 1024x768 each one.
the computer as 2 nvidia 9800 gt graphic cards and 2 matrox triplehead2go analogue
If I run a of application with
ofSetupOpenGL(&windows, 1024*8, 768, OF_GAME_MODE);
the application runs at less that 1 fps…
but If I run it at 1024*7 x 768 I got 30fps
at 800*6x600 I got 35 fps

I would like to run the application at 8 x 1024…

any idea?



Hi all
I just read this in the documentation

Appendix V. Support for GLX in Xinerama

Known Issues:

* The maximum renderable window dimension is 4096 pixels.

So I think the limit is for the Xinerama in Nvidia Drivers

Hey Diego,

actually I think it’s driver and card specific…

From your thread here
the guy rightly points out that the documentation you are referencing is outdated.

I think something like this sounds a little more likely:

OpenGL Viewport Maximums in Xinerama

GeForce GPUs before GeForce 8: 4096 x 4096 pixels
GeForce 8 and newer GPUs: 8192 x 8192 pixels
Quadro: as large as the Xinerama

but again I imagine that it’s probably a little driver and card specific. As you said in your original post, you were able to get large resolutions, it’s just that they were really slow. So it’s possible but not economical.

To get really really large screens, you would need to use something like Schiffman’s most pixels ever (or an equivalent) or Equalizer (www.equalizergraphics.com) together with a render cluster!