OF_FULLSCREEN takes effect too late?

I’m trying set the initial positions of some elements relative to the screen size. However, it seems that ofSetupOpenGL doesn’t resize the screen until after draw() is called once. Is there any way to set fullscreen before draw() is called? Thanks!

I’m sorry - we had a strange issue where we had to call glFullScreen on the first frame of drawing because of some issues with visual studio. We will totally revisit that again and try to fix it, I can completely understand the problems that causes… - zach

Came to the forum with the same problem - I start the fullscreen application and ofGetCurrentViewport() returns me wrong dimensions (whatever I provided in ofSetupOpenGL()) during ofApp::setup(), first few calls to ofApp::update() and the first call to draw()

is there some temporary fix/patch for this?
I’m using the OF version freshly pulled from the hithub repo

ok, I can just use ofGetScreenHeight() instead of ofGetCurrentViewport().getHeight() if I know I’m in fullscreen
did the trick for me :smile: