OF_FULLSCREEN on Linux and Nvidia Drivers

When using this method to create a fullscreen window (using 0.9.3 and 0.10.0) I get a window with titlebar that fills the screen area, but does not render anything. I’m following up on this thread: How to do fullscreen in of0.9.1

I’m using Ubuntu Xenial with Nvidia drivers 384.130.

OF_GAME_MODE does seem to work as expected.

    // Set up GL3 (programmable renderer) and window the new way.
    ofGLWindowSettings settings;
    settings.width = 1920;
    settings.height = 1920;
    settings.setGLVersion(3, 2);
    settings.windowMode = OF_FULLSCREEN; // This seems to do nothing!
    //settings.windowMode = OF_GAME_MODE; // Works
	ofRunApp( new ofApp() );

Yes, this is a 1920x1920 display.

Please delete this topic, I just forgot to make clean and was still using 0.9.3 when I thought I was using 0.10.0