OF for Flash Style GUI?


I’m a Flash developer also working on iPhone dev. I’ve been asked to produce something which has a large aspect of OF code in it (camera based tracking). My part will be heavily GUI based, and my concern is I haven’t seen any example of GUI heavy stuff done in OF. Are there any examples and tutorials you could point me at or should I be looking elsewhere?

Many thanks.

What do you mean with GUI?
Graphics or real controls.

Since OF is really low level the best way to build a UI is to use images in combination with ofxMSAInteractiveObject from https://github.com/memo/msalibs

i’ve been trying to create a two way communication between flash and openframeworks
my idea is to use flash as a gui with controls sliders, steppers etc

this way running an app i could
launch the ofx window to fullscreen in one monitor while controling the app from other using flash window (locally or from other pc)

once i used tcp server (also worked with udp) to send facetracking detection to flash but it was one way communication,
i’ve tried ofxFlashCommunication addon but i cant get it to compile

if you want the code of the tcp server i could send it to you but i only sends data from ofx to flash.

I’d try OSC to do that. That way you can communicate with your OF application over an other application running on the same computer or on another one over the network.