OF for Android compatibility


Please forgive my lack of knowledge, I am new at openframeworks…
Because OF for Android uses android´s SDK and the NDK, does it have compatibility with earlier and later versions of Android operating system. Will it continue to have compatibility with new versions of android to come?


it should work with anything newer than android 2.2 (included)

Thanks for your reply!

My question comes after a conversation with a friend, that doesn´t use OF, but is a android developer. He told me that using the NDK, is dangerous in compatibility. By OF being an low-level language, and using the NDK, when the system has major updates, I could loose future compatibility with my future app. He also said that I would be better off with Java.

Sorry about all these questions. Can you confirm if this is true or knot?

I´m trying to know between OF and Processing, witch is better for android development.
Which is lighter weight, more fluid for the system, which would be less battery consumer… It is going to be a app that has to be “on” 24/7, in system background…

I hope that I was clear enough…


If you want to use a Background Service, you cannot use Processing, as they only subclass the Activity Class (which is a fullscreen process) and have no way to use a Widget / Live Wallpaper / Service …