OF for a PC Visual Studio 2012

Change request

In the install description, Visual Studio 2012 is mentioned.
Could this not be upgraded to the Visual Studio 2015 communityy?
That is much more suitable forr Win 20.


Hi there, quoting arturo:

Can one use VS 2012 and VS 2015 concurrently?

However, I will try the latest version with VS 2015 but since I am a beginner
I am concerned with problems+issues that may arise from using a new image.

VS 2012 is over three years old and that is a lot in the IT industry.

I forgot to dd: Where can I download the0. 9 (VS 2015) version.
The download page shows only the 0.8 version.

I think I would like to use VS 2012 concurrently with VS 2015.

I dont’ think it’s possible to use concurrently due to library builds mismatches between compiler versions. You can download nightly oF builds from here (go to the bottom of the page). Those might be unstable as they’re generated from the last development snapshot.

It is actually possible to have multiple versions of VS installed – I have 2012 Express for 0.8.4 and 2015 Community for 0.9 working side by side, and can even have projects open in each at the same time. Sort of clunky, sort of annoying (you have to right-click your .sln file and open it with the right version), but it works!

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OK,I have downloaded 2012 + installed but i really do think your product deserves to run under more modern IDE 2015 s standard.

Hi @ThreeDOgs – perhaps you misunderstand how openFrameworks is developed. It is a community developed free and open source “product” created by hundreds of volunteers – thus users, like you, are the authors of the “product”.

As noted above, the 0.9.0 version of openFrameworks runs quite nicely on VS 2015. Others have given you links where to find the nightly builds above.

We welcome your contributions. Please see the CODE_OF_CONDUCT and CONTRIBUTING if you are interested in helping improve openFrameworks. If you’d like a little history of openFrameworks you might checkout the intro to ofBook here. Welcome!

You can have OF 0.8.4 run in visual studio 2015 so long as the toolset is set to the 2012 toolset which is like v110 I think. So long as you have 2012 installed you can use 2015 to develop with. The newest version absolutely is supported in VS2015 and should be coming soon, there are nightly builds and release candidates out for the upcoming version.

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