OF executable on other OS versions (Raspberry Pi)

If I compile an OF project on a Raspberry Pi, is the executable tied in any way to that particular version of the linux system? And then also… will the executable work on any other Raspberry Pi hardware version?

Example one - if I compile a project on Raspberry PI OS 5.4.79-v7+ - should I expect that executable to run on an older system version like 4.19.66-v7l+?

Example two - if I compile on a Pi4, should that executable work on a Pi3b+ (or also the other way around).

I’m looking to share an executable and am wondering if I need to have specific system requirements.

the Rasberry OS is a linux so you will have to build something like an appimage or similar
i have uses this on my linux to reuse apps appimage
it works for me if im using the same system on the machine i wish to move

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