oF examples fail to compile on Xcode


just trying to run the examples but all of them fail to compile. It’s hard to tell from the debugger why since Xcode gets so slow that even scrolling is impossible in the debug window. as far as I could get it complained about files that did not exist. I unzipped the whole oF folder to the Documents folder of my hard drive manually. Where did I go wrong?


Anyone out there?

This is what I got:

cp: /Users/alkopop79/Documents/of_preRelease_v0062_osxSL_FAT/apps/examples/imageLoaderExample/bin//imageLoaderExampleDebug.app/Contents/MacOS/libfmodex.dylib: No such file or directory

install_name_tool: can’t open file: /Users/alkopop79/Documents/of_preRelease_v0062_osxSL_FAT/apps/examples/imageLoaderExample/bin//imageLoaderExampleDebug.app/Contents/MacOS/imageLoaderExampleDebug (No such file or directory)

Any ideas?

Could anyone help me?

What version of Xcode you are using?

XCode 3.2.6, 64 bit

It’s ironic that the topic is in the beginners section of the forum since I cannot even begin anything. Come on guys, I want to try oF! Anybody?

Hope you guys don’t take it personally but any other forum I have ever been to was much more helpful, be it P5, Arduino, Max/MSP… I can’t believe no one can or wants to help me.

On the upper left, it may say (Project Setting) | Debug, click on that and choose your default SDK, for example I choosed 10.5 and it now says 10.5 | Debug

I did what you said. Same problem.

Thanks for the help anyway.

The process I did was, download of from the of site, then double click on the zip, uncompress, open apps/examples/emptyExample.xproject, compile and everything worked without a problem, maybe you have a corrupt file on OF or on Xcode

try build->clean all targets

Hah, this topic helped + a re-install:


Great! Thanks guys!