OF, eclipse and Mac

Hi everyone. Thanks for the great work about all of this. I’m looking for a way to do not use Xcode (cause it’s heavy and I prefer Eclipse).

There is a way to configure, make and run OF app with eclipse ? I tried to follow Xcode tutorial and linux tutorial but nothing to do with.

I’m not a beginner in C++ but I do not understand some concepts. Like where to put lib (h/cpp) files and where to put dlib files. And at all how to link all together to make it work in eclipse … hum

My question is : How to configure from scratch eclipse to make OF work ?

Thank’s all

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@bakercp @arturo does the makefile system work on OSX already?

Yes it works on mac.

Hi @bumpshoveit what is this a picture of? Are you in a project directory? You must be in a project directory with a Makefile for the make command to work. I doubt it will work in your home directory.

Ho this picture is just a fast try for make and makefile command in terminal.

But when i trying to build in eclipse i got multiples errors. In Xcode everything goes fine. I’m using Xcode right now. It’s better. But for understanding everything I’m alway interested by a solution to make & build from scratch. Only by terminal command for example ! is it possible ?