oF documentation for offline use

greeting all,

just as something i wanted to do for the oF community. i have made the whole online documentation as an offline html alternative.

why? you may say.
i was learning c++/oF etc a few days ago, and had no connection to check up on things. so this is just for anyone who doesnt want to go online to check. it seems an annoying journey to just check on one thing. so this should make it easier.
plus as well, i thought there was documentation for offline use, but i have not seen it myself.

all it is is the 0073 documentation from the site. but i have also edited out the menu and the github links, as i just wanted to keep it as documentation. just double-click on the documentation.html and your all set.
i was going to do a pdf version, but ill wait for now.

hope this comes in handy for people. it will for myself :smiley:


epub and pdf files here:

Thank you. It help me :slight_smile:

youre more than welcome. glad you have use for it

Thanks for this. Very useful.

new documentation link for upcoming versions