OF did not work for the iphone, ideas?

It seems I might have to do something extra, or should I just try checking out the code again, not sure if it should work out of the box for 4.1?

Also, if someone knows any 3d Engines/libs that can display simple 3d chars and premade animations… that would be great.

Also, any ideas on how to switch between an “opengl” view and a standard native obj-c view?




What have you tried already and what errors are you getting?

If you’re using the standard OF 0061 for iPhone, you’ll need to fix some stuff in the Freeimage libs first. See this thread as a starting point: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/xcode-3.2.3-±iphone-sdk-4-beta-works-with-ofxiphone/3658/0

I do this:

[ofxiPhoneGetUIWindow() addSubview:myGuiViewController.view];  
[ofxiPhoneGetUIWindow() makeKeyAndVisible];  

…and then hide/show the native objective-c myGuiViewController.view when I want.