oF / creative coding schools, classes, masters programs

I graduated back in '06 with a degree in ‘Interactive Information Technology’, which was a combination of coding and graphic design. My sub-specialty, Media Arts, allowed me to do print design and video art classes. The vast majority of my coding work was Flash (actionscript 2).

I had some jobs, not very rigorous in terms of coding. Took a break from that scene of working, and now I’m trying to get back into the programming flow. I like oF, Processing, and graphical programming environments like vvvv, Max/MSP, and PureData.

Does anyone have any experience learning these things in an academic setting? oF started at Parsons New School, which I visited and enjoyed very much when I went to talk about their master’s programs. It is a good amount of money, however. So I’m trying to research my options as best as I can. Has anyone here gone to Parsons for their Masters degree? Or anywhere else they could recommend? Maybe I’m being too oF focused, as well. Are there any comprehensive online courses for advanced creative coding approaches?

For all you professionals, how did you get started? Should I be looking for internships? If so, what level of competency should I be at before I walk into an interview?

Also, any book recommendations? I’ve noticed there are many more Processing books than oF. I heard that
‘Generative Design: Visualize, Program, and Create with Processing’ might have some oF examples in it. There are some others that look interesting, but with those thick programming books you can rack up quite a bill really quickly. Any oF or generally creative coding based programming books you love?

Starting, learning, getting better. How do you do it?