OF COURSE IS BACK FOR SUMMER -- Brooklyn, NYC 07/11-08/31 2015

OF COURSE brings the frontier of new media that is openFrameworks and more back to the classroom this summer.

With a talented faculty of leading artists and coders working on some of the most ground breaking projects in creative coding, OF COURSE mandates the total proliferation of code-driven artistry through a collection of courses. Wake up and journey to the Nexus of Next-Gen Art, Media, and Technology

New season of OF COURSE returns to NYC July 11th! Select from a variety of topics such as 2d/3d animation, connection and network, music by code, a thousand particles, live coding shaders, data vis, creative wearable, gestural and tangible interfaces, color workshop, world2web, and generative art by processing. Whether you are a programmer or artist by trade, OF Course provides a suitable introduction to the expanding universe of “creative coding.” Spots are limited so sign up now! Please see ofcourse.io for a detailed list of classes and teachers.

Official Website: http://www.ofcourse.io
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/130510000@N06/