OF-compatible wireless cameras

Hello, all!

I’m looking to upgrade from my current USB camera to a fancy wireless one (preferably battery-operated). I was curious which ones have nice drivers in Windows or OSX that make them easy to use with OF, or what folks’ experiences have been with wireless cameras in general.

Another possibility I was considering was building a small cell-phone-like board that has a camera onboard and doing the OF processing there, but I think ultimately the stream-video-and-process-on-PC approach will be much simpler.

Anyone have thoughts? I couldn’t find much searching the forums for this.

Most Wifi-based cameras should be able to be accessed by ofNetwork, you open up an RTSP stream and then just dump the data into an ofPixels object and go from there. There’s some info on that here, for example http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6022423/mjpeg-streaming-and-decoding (though it’s pretty old) or here http://robocv.blogspot.com/2012/01/using-your-ip-camera-with-opencv.html (though it’s OpenCV based, it should be the same thing). Hope that helps a little? Generally anything that you can do in OpenCV you can do in OF, so looking around for wifi camera + OpenCV would be a great place to start.