OF class methods & variables: details online?

Online documentation of OF classes (e.g. http://openframeworks.cc/documentation/3d/ofNode/#show_ofNode) gives a very navigable summary of class methods and a brief description on each method’s page. However, no list of class variables or much in the way of usage.

In the file system folders (e.g. ~/openframeworks/libs/3d/ofNode.*) lies a wealth of information on methods, variables, etc.

Is there an online equivalent of the file system treasure chest? Sometimes one would like to reference or just poke around in openframeworks documentation.

Hello Bob. As far as I know, no.
But, as you are looking into ofNode, which variable you would like to have, that are not already exposed by a get method, or that can not be modified through a set method?
most of the time, there is a design reason behind the decision to expose to the user only certain data.

@bob97086 all that documentation is not in the site yet cause it belongs to the next release, once we release the next version the documentation on the site will be up to date with the one in the headers

edapx and arturo:
Thanks to each for your response. I can imagine the huge effort made by all the openframeworks volunteers to create and maintain such a complicated system. We users are grateful!