oF / Catalina macOS

Hi, now that I have macOS Catalina, none of my apps are running !
Even the oF examples are not working !
Is anyone else having this issue ?
Is there a solution that worked for you ?

Thanks !

Catalina has insanely designed protections that sabotage attempts to run programs that have been downloaded from anything but the Apple Store, or that have not been officially registered by a current Apple Developer Account, and it won’t run 32-bit applications.

There are work-arounds, although the resulting error messages for downloaded apps are deceptive (e.g. it will tell you the app is corrupted and should be deleted, or it will run but show a crash dump the cause of which is listed as “translocation” i.e. sabotage of downloaded apps by Catalina). I ended up going through the (rough the first time) process of setting up an Apple Developer Account and getting my app certified for distribution.

However if (?) you are even having problems just running a recently-built app on your development computer, then that sounds like something else going wrong.

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@WillpowerStudios could you share the error messages you are getting?
It sounds like it could be a simple fix.

It might be related to this issue - please let us know if the fix described works for you?


As an aside, this happened to me (on mojave), it was because I ran my release distribution build and it changed some config files so there were checksum mismatches. I just rebuilt it and released that.

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“Corrupted” can also mean you tried to run an uncertified app and/or did not manually move it from its initially downloaded or extracted location before running it (so the Gatekeeper corrupted it for you to “protect” you, and then doesn’t tell you that’s what happened).

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Yes, this has me thinking if I should switch to Linux…

I have apps that when launched, do not work, but on my old mac do.
I will look into the link you sent and also send you error messages.
Thank you so much Theo !

Ok, I will look into this as well, thank you !

yes, my recently-built apps are also having issues… I never experienced this before and I think it could be what you mentioned regarding Catalina. But as you said it is likely to be something else, I will keep digging. Thanks !

be sure to try this from the command line –

xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine PATHTOAPP

for example

xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine /Users/zach/Downloads/shufa/shufa.app

Similar to Drazinut I found on Catalina, apps that have the quarantine attribute set now sometimes show the “corrupted” warning and don’t run. This command removes that attribute.


Hi Zach, thank you so much, I will give it a shot !!

Yes, also if you zip your app to distribute it, use the built-in Compress right-click function in MacOS, not another program.

But it doesn’t prevent running an app from Xcode, or from the location where it was built. I was also able to move the app from Mac to Mac using a thumb drive, just not FTP or email or web site, and not if zipped by the wrong program, unless it was moved to another location manually after unzipping, and either Certified or Command+Clicked and warnings bypassed etc etc etc. The lack of honest clear error messages made it rather confusing to sort out what exactly was needed to get it to work.

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I see, yes, this is rather challenging and complex due to their decision to further block their system from open source work… I had an app working with sound input correctly, but when I relaunched it, the audio input was not working and the pop up window asking for its permission did not appear… It is very unreliable and uncertain in its functionality.
I’m thinking of selling my mac and moving to Linux, as it is built for open source work, which is my area of work. A friend who does a lot with oF uses Linux and things seem to be going well for him.

Hi Zach,
I entered it in the command line, but it did not work… maybe my issue has a different source… I will keep trying though. Thank you

@WillpowerStudios Hi, usually if you have an issue with something compiling or running it is quite helpfull to share the error log or any error messages you get.

When you try and build and run the examples from Xcode do you get any error message? If there is a red [x] in the error/warning pane of Xcode - can you Ctrl-Click on it and Select Reveal in Build Log?

This should shed light on the issue and help track down what it is.

Up until now I am not aware of any issues with Catalina and OF 0.11.0.


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I had a problem with sending built .apps to friends, the thing that solved it for me was to package the .app inside of a .dmg (I used the free version of DMG canvas) before sending it, and made sure that all the data in my .app was stored inside the resources folder.

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hi theo, I will specifically look at the error messages, thank you for pointing this out !
I have this weird case where I run the code, it successfully compiles, but the audio input does not work… when I test on my other mac, it does. I checked the mic input as my internal mic so it should work… I will keep digging while I can.

thanks for this detail michael

For the audio issue I have found that for some Macs you need to specify 1 channel for input and having 2 will fail if the device itself doesn’t have 2 channel input.

For example I have to modify the audioInputExample on my MacBook Pro to use 1 channel for it to work correctly.

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Thank you, I will look into the channels.
I am now getting this error for my same ‘audio input’ project:
Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1

I ran the audio input example and got the same error…
Do you know what it points to by any chance ?