Of at summerLAB

We had a great group working in Gijon this week at summerLAB. Here is some of the code:



There should be some more from Jesus and Arturo soon!

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Very, very nice. Great little examples. It would be cool if some of these can be expanded upon by someone with some free time in the wiki. Looking forward to more.
Plus the stuff here http://csugrue.com/code is great.



thanks a lot for this. these will surely be very useful :slight_smile:


Just come back from a fantastic week at summerLab in laboral with some awesome people, computers, circuits and tooo much sidra.

I’ve been playing for a while with the Jos Stam fluid algorithm Chris has posted and someone at summerlab had a laser so…


Hello !
I’m new here and trying to learn a little abour openframeworks in order to enable some new visual and brush effects in the GRL LASERtag software… I tried to download your source, but the account in the link is suspended…

  • does it work on the theo watson’s LAsertag software ? (i use LaserTag2002TigerLeopard, because i couldn’t find something working on linux)
  • can you give me a functionnal link for me to test it ?
    Thanks !

Hi there, notice that the last post is several years old, try opening a new post for this. Also, check www.ofxaddons.com and see if you find anything there.

yeah, i don’t have that server anymore and i don’t think i saved that code anywhere else