oF at summerlab (gijón)

Hi all

from the 3rd to th 9th of august, during summerlab in Laboral chris sugrue and i are going to do some kind of workshop during which we are going to develop a project and teach some sort lectures about oF.

the project consists in creating a chain of digital - analog systems that talk to each other forming a circle so in the end we are going to have kind of a perpetual motion system of interconnected digital and mechanical pieces. most of them are going to be developed using oF but if you have an idea using other programming languages / tools you’re also welcomed.

if you have any idea to collaborate in this project, please post about it here or in the summerlab site so we can prepare materials or anything else.

the lectures are going to be one hour lessons about basic topics like vector math, computer vision… and any other themes in which people can have interest, so if you have some request, let us know too.

hope to see you there!

chris and arturo

I might try and come…
What’s the deal with accomodation? Is it free, or how much does it cost?

the official accommodation is in a camping near laboral:


you get a bike as you arrive, so you can move easily from the camping to laboral :slight_smile:

although the accommodation is not free, the organisation takes care of the lunch (at least last year was like that) so in the end the whole week is not that expensive.