oF as Command Line Framework

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I really like of for what it is – a creative coding framework with (mostly) a visual output. But I like it as well for something else: a c++ framework with a lot of useful functions, which makes live easy also for projects without any visual output.

Just don’t start the openframeworks main app in the main function, but do something else there. And you’re able to mix the helpful functions of openFrameworks with a simple command line only interface.

I used oF to create a multithreaded udp server with a ncurses interface.


Nice! I agree - it have been working with some of the headless (ofAppNoWindow) stuff on a server/beaglebone and I think it has a lot of potential.

@jvcleave or @hofer do you have examples of this that i could look at? I’m writing some rPi stuff with ofAppNoWindow and I’d love to be able to use some of the oF functionality without bringing in gstreamer, etc. Also, i’d like to give it a command line interface (so i can interact with the app over ssh)

I haven’t messed with any no-window stuff lately but you can interact with the RPI over SSH if you start the app over SSH

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@jvcleave i guess my question is… how can i interact with a running oF app from the command line (functions similar to keyPressed(), etc.)

I use this

awesome. i had been searching for that older consolelistener.h that you posted awhile back. this will do the trick. Thank you very much.

yeah - it’s similar but now you don’t have to hit enter after a keypress

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