OF arduino communication

I’m having a hard time getting OF to communicate with my arduino.
I have uploaded a sketch to my board that constantly prints “hello” to the serial port.
The arduino is hooked to port COM14. This is the script:

"void setup(){

void loop(){

I simply used the serialExample from v0.06 to read out the serial port but whenever i run the app i get the following error:

"OF_ERROR: device 0 – Profilic USB-to-Serial Comm Port
OF_ERROR: ofSerial: unable to open port
OF_ERROR: ofSerial: serial not inited

my OF cpp script:

"void testApp::setup(){


bSendSerialMessage = false;


//----------------------------------- note:
serial.setup("/COM14", 9600); // < this should be set
// to whatever com port
// your serial device is
// connected to.
// (ie, COM4 on a pc, dev/tty… on a mac)
// arduino users check in arduino app…
nTimesRead = 0;
nBytesRead = 0;
readTime = 0;
memset(bytesReadString, 0, 4);

I’m at a loss here. Can anyone please tell me what i’m missing here ?

serial.setup("/COM14", 9600);  

should be

serial.setup("COM14", 9600);  

note the missing /