oF + Arduino Capsense Library


I would like to ask if it is possible to connect oF with the Arduino Capsense Library?
I have only found a way to connect it with Arduino > processing > spacebrew > oF, may I ask if it is possible to have a more direct way please?


Hello @chankalun ,

I don’t have experience with the Capsence library, but every data that is generated in the Arduino domain can easily by read/written from/to the serial bus. Than you use ofxSerial to access the serial port from OpenFrameworks and read the data/write back to Arduino.


you shouldn’t even need the addon, the already included ofSerial should be able to handle it. Just make sure you are formatting your data in a usable way when you stream it back and forth. Basically instead of using the serial monitor from the arduino program those values are being sent directly to openframeworks. The processing and spacebrew is actually unnecessary in the process which I actually commented on that post over a year ago saying the same thing. Chris’ code is great since it has added functionality but most of the codes actually really similar to the stock ofSerial library and its really unlikely you will need the flow control etc… that makes that library an improvement.

Yes yes you are right :)))
I have it connected just with ofSerial with a few simple line of code :)))

Thanks! x