oF app slows down, if no monitor is connected


i am aware, that the main thread stops, when the window is minimized, but it seems, that the rendering slows down, when no monitor is connected.

The scenario: I am running my app on a Mac without a physical display. This app periodically sends a picture to another mac with about 20fps. as long, as am connected with a virtual display, everything runs normal and the second mac receives every frame. But as soon as i disconnect, it starts lacking. If I re-connect, everything seems to be normal again.

Does this mean, that i’ve to run everything in a separate thread, if i want to run a oF app without monitor? Is there another workaround?


Did nobody ever had this issue? Are there any details missing?

Just referencing a post with the same issue: -app-on-computer-without-monitor-running-slow.

Future discussion may be happen there.